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Many thanks to Euro-toques for the wonderful food award on 18th October! Glenfin Duck Eggs were delighted to be announced as one of the five winners...

Glenfin Duck Eggs can be freely substituted in all your usual recipes for wonderful results! The duck eggs and yolks are larger and they have a richer nutrient level which makes them excellent for baking. They also have a longer shelf life as the shells are much thicker.Glenfin ducks are free to roam the fields on our farm in Tydavnet, Co. Monaghan and are bedded daily on straw, giving fresh, wholesome and natural eggs.





Glenfin are delighted to be announced as one of the five food awards presented by Euro-toques on 18th October. Thanks to everyone and congratulations to the other four Irish producers also! It was a great day all round! ...Read more>>


SEE US IN EASY FOOD!!There's nothing quite like a lovely poached duck egg for breakfast or a delicious light tasty sponge for tea!. Grab your issue of Easy Food this month and find out all the benifits for using Glenfin duck eggs and how to get that sponge much higher!!


AVOCA INSTORE PROMOTION- Glenfin Duck Eggs will be doing an instore demonstration on Monday and Tuesday 15/16th February to promote Pancake Tuesday. Taste our delicious pancakes made especially with duck eggs and take home the recipe to try for yourself! Check back here soon for some photographs of the occasion!


ARTISAN IRELAND WINNERS! Easy Food is out now! Read all about us in one of Ireland's most popular magazine! We are absolutely thrilled to receive this award. A big big thanks to all our customers and all who voted for us...Read more>>