Glenfin features on Higher Ground RTE Programme
Glenfin features on Higher Ground RTE Programme

The series is designed to motivate rural entrepreneurs to take an inventive approach to a new business and help them to turn their original ideas into reality. In this time of economic uncertainty many people are being forced to look at the resources they have around them and to come up with new ways of making money and building towards the future.

Our mentors will provide the eight businesspeople selected with an intensive, tailored service which could give their business the best possible chance of succeeding. They will guide them through creating a business plan, set out action plans with strict deadlines, help prepare a marketing and distribution plan, advise them on legal, accounting and taxation issues and help them prepare for key meetings when seeking funding or meeting potential customers. They will arrange for the entrepreneur to visit a similar business or maybe even get hands on work experience. With the entrepreneurs novel ideas ranging from duck eggs to cake toppers, Peter and Paul will do everything in their power to guide the new ventures towards victory!



Paul McCarthy:
Paul McCarthy is a Rural Business Specialist with Teagasc and has organised events and written extensively on rural business and rural entrepreneurship. He is a regular contributor on national radio and print media.

Peter Young: 
Peter Young is best known for his 'On & Off the Farm' pages in the Irish Farmers Journal in which he writes weekly on innovation and starting businesses in rural Ireland.



Episode 1:
Brian Phelan is a 25-year-old based in Monaghan. He has a passion for duck eggs! Brian noticed a gap in the market over the last number of years. There is a healthy demand for duck eggs, but they are hard to track down. He purchased 20 ducks originally, and has now built up the flock to nearly 650.

Brian has reached a crucial point - How does he build the business to bring it to the next stage? His goal is to own 4,000 ducks which would make him the leading producer in the country. 


24 Jul '09
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