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6 Glenfin Duck Eggs

500gms peeled and diced potatoes

1 Medium Onion (peeled, halved and finely sliced)

100mls Olive Oil

Salt and Roughly Ground Black Pepper



Heat a heavy, high sided, 20cm frying pan over a medium heat.
Cook the sliced onion in a little of the olive oil until is has softened but not browned.
Remove the onions from the pan and put aside for later.
Keep the pan on the heat.
Put half the remaining oil into the pan and add the diced potatoes. Sautee the potatoes, stirring them regularly and adding more oil as the potatoes absorbs it.
Cook until the potatoes have cooked through and crumbled.
While the potatoes are cooking, put the duck eggs in a bowl large enough to take all the ingredients.
Whisk the duck eggs together with the seasoning and add the cooked onions.
When the potatoes are cooked through add them to the beaten duck eggs.
Keep the pan over the heat wiping it clean with some kitchen paper. Put the remaining olive oil in the pan and pour in the eggs and potatoes.
Stir and fold the mixture until it begins to firm up.
Place a lid or plate, that will cover the top, over the pan.
Cook until the omelette has set.
To serve put a large enough plate face down on pan and with a quick flip turn the omelette on to it.
Eat immediately or at room temperature later with a light salad.

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