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3 Glenfin Duck Egg Whites

170gms Castor Sugar

½ Teaspoon Corn Flour

½ Teaspoon White Malt Vinegar




With a mixer or in a bowl whisk the duck egg whites vigorously

until they are stiff. 
Slowly add the sugar and keep whisking until the sugar is absorbed. Fold in the vinegar and corn flour.
Grease a baking tray and stick a circle of greaseproof paper to it.
Grease the paper.
Spread or pipe the egg mixture on the greaseproof paper making sure the edges are higher than the centre.
Place in cool oven, 130
°, for 1 hour.
When the Pavlova is lightly brown and crisp on the outside remove and cool.
As it can be fragile remove it gently to a large plate. Fill the centre with whipped cream and freash fruit, such as strawberries, raspberries etc.

Cut into wedges and serve.












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