Whats The Difference

Glenfin Duck Eggs have more albumen (The protein in the white). The eggs and yolk are larger and they have a richer nutrient level which makes them excellent for baking.Cakes will have a richer texture and retain moisture better. 

They also have a longer shelf life as the shells are much thicker 


There are a few physical differences between duck eggs and hen eggs:
  1. Shells of Glenfin duck eggs are smoother, less porous, tougher than hen eggs.
  2. There's more colour variation in the shell too. 
  3. Duck eggs contain less water so the eggs are thicker (over-cooking can make them a bit "rubbery")
  4. Duck eggs tend to be larger.
  5. Duck eggs tend to have bigger yolks (proportional to the size of the egg)